Monthly archives: September 2012

Success Story – Meet Kelisa, Attended the Hope Row Resource Center

“None of us saw Skid Row coming,” says Kelisa, but the gritty reality of Los Angeles’ homeless capital is exactly where this 29 year-old mother ended up with her three children after fleeing an abusive relationship in Fresno.  Kelisa had grown up surrounded by domestic violence but that still didn’t prevent her from landing in […]

Success Story – Meet Billie Jean, Graduate of Emerge

Feeling “different” is a rite of passage of sorts.  Most everyone has felt they didn’t fit in at some point in their lives, especially growing up.  But imagine growing up feeling you were born with the wrong body. The taunting and harassment doesn’t end after high school.  Billie Jean is someone who has dealt with […]

Success Story – Meet Kenneth, Graduate of Open Door

A drastic haircut or buying a Porsche often constitutes a midlife crisis for some.   But for others, their actions, and the subsequent consequences, are chaotic and catastrophic. Kenneth was married for 18 years and spent almost as long working for a Fortune 500 company in Fresno.  He led a normal, everyday life.  Then he and […]

Success Story – Meet Tracy, Graduate of EPIC

“EPIC helped me deal with the feelings that I’ve had since I was an adolescent…I was able to find out who I was and why I did the things I did.” “My mother abandoned me when I was a baby.”  This is how Tracy’s life began. Tracy was taken care of by a couple that […]

Success Story – Meet Shelly

“My husband held a loaded gun to my face and asked, ‘Do you want to die?’,” says Shelly, recalling the traumatic night. Shelly had been with her husband for several years but when he became addicted to crack cocaine and alcohol, her relationship with him deteriorated.  He had become emotionally, physically and mentally abusive, and […]

The Weingart Center for the Homeless provides comprehensive human services to homeless men, women, veterans, parolees, families, HIV+ and other at-risk individuals, giving them the skills, resources, and hope they need to lead productive lives off the streets. Located in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles' Skid Row, the Weingart Center for the Homeless is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that breaks the cycle of homelessness and poverty.

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