Program Structure

Weingart Center seeks to offer an integrated, coherent experience to our clients. At the same time, we recognize that there are distinct populations among people who are homeless that have similar needs. To utilize our resources in an efficient manner, we have structured programs around these distinct population groups. We offer both residential programs, and community-based programs for the homeless population.

Our residential programs are primarily transitional housing with wraparound services. All of our residents are in our 11-story hotel building at 6th and San Pedro. Each floor has restrooms, showers, and laundry facilities. Our transitional residential programs go beyond the emergency shelter approach by providing housing for up to two years along with comprehensive wrap-around services including case management, job training, and other treatment services.

Women’s Renaissance

Women’s Renaissance provides transitional housing for up to two years for women experiencing homelessness.

Contact by phone at (213) 689-2143 or click here to learn more about  Women’s Renaissance.


Veterans Transitional Housing provides transitional housing for up to two years for veterans.

Contact by phone at (213) 689-2127, or click here to learn more about  Veterans Transitional Housing.

Re-entry Programs

EPIC is a six-month residential program for people on parole to adjust to life after incarceration.

Contact by phone at (213) 689-2151 or click here to learn more about  EPIC.

AB109 provides employment services and temporary housing for individuals released from State prisons to Los Angeles County Probation supervision under Assembly Bill 109, also known as Prison Realignment.

Contact by phone at (213) 689-2207 or click here to learn more about  AB 109.

Open Door

Open Door provides short-term housing for 90 days or less for anyone who is homeless and meets some basic eligibility criteria.

Contact by phone at (213) 689-2118 or click here to learn more about  Open Door.

AmeriCorps Hope for the Homeless

AmeriCorps Hope for the Homeless is an AmeriCorps national service project that recruits members to conduct street outreach and assist organizations on Skid Row in helping clients. Hope for the Homeless goes one step further by recruiting members from graduates of Skid Row programs. Our members know first-hand what people facing homelessness are going through, and are uniquely capable at connecting with even the most shelter-resistant residents. Contact by phone at (213) 689-3084 or click here to learn more about  AmeriCorps.


The GROW program provides employment and training services to people receiving General Relief (GR) to help them obtain a permanent job and become self-sufficient. GROW features a short-term, intensive job preparedness and employment search curriculum. Contact by phone at (213) 689-2235 or click here to learn more about  GROW.

Hope Row Resource Center

The Hope Row Resource Center  is a walk-in location where clients can receive case management, hygiene supplies, mail drop services, community voice mail, referrals to programs, or other supportive services. The Resource Center acts as a front door to our residential programs, as well as a link with partner organizations throughout the community. Contact by phone at (213) 833-5020 or click here to learn more about  Hope Row Resource Center.


The Weingart Center for the Homeless provides comprehensive human services to homeless men, women, veterans, parolees, families, HIV+ and other at-risk individuals, giving them the skills, resources, and hope they need to lead productive lives off the streets. Located in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles' Skid Row, the Weingart Center for the Homeless is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that breaks the cycle of homelessness and poverty.

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