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Veterans Transitional Housing

Veterans Transitional Housing Weingart Center Los Angeles Skid Row

Veterans – Transitional Housing Program

The Weingart Center is proud to operate one of the most comprehensive programs for homeless veterans in Los Angeles. We not only provide veterans with housing for up to two years, but also offer them a wide array of supportive services to help them find employment and lead productive, self-sufficient lives.

When they leave the service, today’s veterans are finding it more and more difficult to return to the civilian world. During their tour, the military provided stability and a strict schedule; once back on US soil, service men and women are faced with uncertainty and lack of structure that makes reintegration difficult. Even with some benefits available, many veterans are “welcomed” back with next to nothing.

Representing a shocking 1 in every 5 homeless men and women, veterans are also more likely to suffer from mental health issues, including post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury. These challenges are often accompanied by (and sometimes lead to) alcoholism and drug addiction. At the Weingart Center, nearly 75% of the veterans we serve are “dual-diagnosed” with both physical and mental disabilities. While many perceive homeless vets as having too many obstacles preventing them from overcoming homelessness, the Weingart Center welcomes them and works diligently to ensure that they have every opportunity for success.


Referred to the Weingart Center by the Department of Veterans Affairs, our veterans are assigned a case manager who helps craft an individualized service plan so that they can secure permanent housing, manage their budgets (each client is required to save 75% of their earnings and benefits), attend job club trainings, and assertively pursue employment.

As part of a national plan to eliminate Veteran homelessness, the Department of Veterans Affairs funds several transitional housing programs like the one at the Weingart Center. This program offers:

  • Housing Services: Shelter, safety, three hot meals a day, hygiene supplies, clothing, and Life Skills classes
  • Case Management: Individualized Service Plan, benefits enrollment assistance, family reunification, and financial literacy
  • Clinical Services: On-site or through VA
  • Recreation: Veterans Day luncheon, holiday parties, Al-impics

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contact usFor more information about Veterans Transitional Housing, please call us at (213) 833-5020.


Veterans-Thank-You-Cards-for-Web-Button-2You can now send Weingart Center for the Homeless Veterans thank you cards! These cards will be distributed to our Veterans during holidays and graduations. This is an amazing opportunity to thank those brave men and women who have served our country and are achieving greatness at the Weingart Center for the Homeless.


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10 responses to Veterans Transitional Housing

  1. Sara says:

    My boyfriend recently got out the U.S Navy with a honorably discharge of 4 years this June, he goes to the LA Recording School and won’t get his G.I. Bill til next month and his landlord won’t cut him slack for this month being he has no funds til Decemeber. With that being said, he will be homeless since I can’t assist him due to I’m in a similar situation. Can you help me find resources or shelters for him or possibly housing for veterans that isn’t to far from the Hollywood area? Thank You

    • Janita Gomez says:

      Our Veterans Program provides transitional housing as well as a variety of other services. To participate in our program you will need a referral from the VA Administration. The Los Angeles office is at 351 Temple Street on the 4th floor. Perhaps they can provide information for services in the Hollywood area.

  2. Raul C Tejano says:

    hi how do i take advantage of this program. i too am a homeless veteran. i need help in transitioning. i live in los angeles, thank you

    • Janita Gomez says:

      To enroll in our Veterans program you will need to contact the Veteran’s Administration at 351 Temple St. on the 4th Floor for intake and to determine eligibility.
      Should you have any questions feel free to call 213-689-2127 or 213-689-2160 for more information.

  3. Michael Riedel says:

    I thank God for the veteran program at Weingart Center.
    I am a recovered addict with two years sobriety. As a
    veteran I received case management, therapy and a private
    room where I could focus on the past, present and future.
    The staff treated me with care, respect and integrity. I
    had fun at the events and could talk to fellow veterans of
    Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard. The Weingart
    helped me save my life.

  4. August says:

    Why do the homeless veterans have to be treated like PRISONERS, and viciously slandered as “Crazy, Addicted, and Alcoholics”, then bombarded with those extremely offensive MANDATORY “Jesus Saves” & 12-Step religious AA/NA cult “Higher Power” proselytizing, when all they need are affordable housing and living-wage jobs?

    • Janita Gomez says:

      August. We understand your opinion; but rest assured, we do not treat the Veterans in our programs that way. We provide the housing, treatment if necessary, and job preparedness skills. We also help them to find affordable housing and jobs.

  5. Linda Thornton says:

    I’m looking for emergency transitional housing for my brother who is a veteran with psychologial disorders please help him.

    • Jordy Altman says:

      Please call our Hope Row Resource Center at (213) 833.5020 to begin the application for the Veterans program. Since you are looking to help your brother, I would advise that the two of you apply in person. The center’s intake hours are Mon-Fri 8:00AM to 4:00PM (please arrive by 3:30PM to receive service). Note that a line may form as early as 6:30AM, so please arrive early.

  6. webguy says:

    I’m so glad there’s a program for the neglected vets — those who have helped safeguard our country. It’s a shame that the responsibility for helping these individuals has fallen on private efforts instead of stronger government programs. Anyway, I think Weingart will do a better job with it.

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