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Clinical Services

Also known as Mental Health & Substance Abuse Treatment

Mental illnesses, including depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety and schizophrenia, are often overlooked and under treated conditions in our community. Many individuals who suffer with mental illness don’t know what is causing their distress. The majority of people with mental illness do not seek treatment, either because they do not know that help is available, they do not realize they need treatment, or they are unable to find the necessary resources.

Mental illness, substance abuse and other addictions are some of the leading causes of chronic homelessness. Unlike many emergency and transitional homeless agencies on skid row in Los Angeles, the Weignart Center has a full-service Clinical Services department that addresses mental illness, addiction and the cycle of relapse.  The Weingart Center reaches out to the most economically disadvantaged and chronically homeless individuals and provides them with shelter, job training, housing referrals and comprehensive mental health services to help them break the cycle of homelessness.

In addition to the traditional mental health services and group sessions, our Clinical Services staff also provides the following services and programs:

Substance Abuse Treatment

The Weingart Center offers a variety of substance abuse interventions and treatment options for our clients and members of the community, which allows individuals to maintain employment and seek housing while working on their sobriety. We offer a 16-week intensive outpatient alcohol and drug treatment program, based on the Matrix Model as well as a 5-week program.

The Clinical department utilizes best-practiced treatment models that include: relapse prevention, educational groups, a year-long social support group and individual counseling.

We also offer the SAMHSA Targeted Capacity Expansion Program for Substance Abuse Treatment and HIV/AIDS Services program which is designed to increases access to HIV testing, substance abuse treatment and mental health services for high risk populations living on Skid Row, principally African-American and Latino homeless men and women. This Los Angeles-based program is operated in partnership with the JWCH Institute.

Project Fatherhood

Our clients always started out as someone’s son or daughter, and often have siblings and even children they have been separated from. Helping them reconnect in healthy ways with their family can improve stability and help with their long-term self-sufficiency. Where appropriate, we support our graduating clients to regain custody of children who are in foster care. Learn more about Project Fatherhood now.

Internship Program

The Clinical Services department has an established Intern Training program for MSW, MFT and PsyD graduate students at UCLA, USC, Cal State Long Beach and Los Angeles and the Chicago School of Professional Psychology.

Mental Health Treatment

Our on-site Clinical Services department offers individual and group therapy sessions to our clients, focusing on issues such as trauma, domestic violence and substance abuse. Our mental health team helps individuals establish and maintain personal goals, and to develop a healthy, independent lifestyle free of the debilitating effects of mental illness and addictions.

The Weingart Center also hosts a Mental Health Specialized Shelter as an as-needed program for people using the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health’s services.


Our partners at Exodus Recovery operate this short-term housing program for people with mental health concerns.

6 responses to Clinical Services

  1. Erika says:

    I was wondering if your program can help someone I know, he was rushed to the hospital after he fell, not sure what the whole story is or if he was intoxicated or sober when it happened. Im trying to find help where ever and with no income on his end or a place to live and being an alcoholic which is making him deteriorate mentally and physically I don’t know where else to look since he is just being passed through and the social workers at the hospital he was taken doesn’t seem to get the right people to help him or just simply passes him off to the next hospital. He is possibly more harm to himself than anyone and not sure how he is doing health wise. I am hoping you guys can help him in any way or if you could lead me to the right place to possibly get him the help he could use please let me know.

    Thank You,

    • Janita Gomez says:

      Our intake process is handled through the Resource center at the corner of 6th and San Pedro in downtown Los Angeles. I have requested that they assist you with your concerns. There is an intake interview to qualify the individual for the programs we provide. Picture ID and social security number must be shown. I suggest you accompany your friend. I wish you the best.

  2. michael riedel says:

    I have a personal success story: I lived at the Weingart Center from Nov 2012 – Oct 2013. I lived in room #585 on the Veterans floor, as I am a U.S. Navy 8 year veteran. I was able to get my life back and was helped by the Weingart
    staff; they were supportive, careing and assisted me in all my needs. I have my own apartment and go too college full time.I live in the S.F.V , North Hills and go to school at
    Valley College. I am gratefull to the Weingart Center for all that they done for me. Truly, Michael Riedel

    • michael riedel says:

      The Veterans program helped me focus on life’s issues at hand with support from fellow veterans and staff members from both, the V.A. and Weingart center. They listened and
      cared. My needs were met beyond my expectations, as I began
      a new life with new hope’s and dreams. I thank God for the
      Weingart center and all the blessings I have received as a
      result of staying clean & sober and completeing the program
      there; eventhough, on skid – row is where the building is

  3. Jose Ramos says:

    I have an adult homeless son who is alcohol addicted and possibly bipolar. He periodicly spends time with his mom and me but he seems to getting worst each day. We need help in getting him some type of recovery

    • Jordy Altman says:

      I’m so sorry to hear about your son, but we are here to help. We offer on-site services focusing on the issues of substance abuse and mental illness, including group therapy sessions, individual counseling, and relapse prevention. We have a 16-week intensive outpatient drug and alcohol program that may be a good fit. Please tell him to apply for our clinical services by calling (213) 833.5020 for more information and to set up a meeting.

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