Housing Services

Our housing programs offer housing in assigned bunks or rooms (60% of our beds are in single rooms!), with secure lockers for personal items. All of our shelter programs are 24-hour; our residents can stay or leave their belongings in their room all day and return to the same bed each night. There are different housing offerings available at the Weingart Center:


Transitional Housing provides up to two years of housing while clients are working toward stability and independence. This is enough time to complete education programs or vocational training, gain work experience, and learn how to maintain sobriety.


Short-term housing ranges from two weeks to 90 days, and usually has fewer eligibility requirements and faster enrollment. Open DoorAB109, and DPSS are short-term shelter programs.

Housing Placement

Housing Placement services provide residential and community-based clients with assistance in locating appropriate housing. Our Housing Specialists work with those who need Permanent Supportive HousingAffordable HousingVASH or Section 8 vouchers, or market-rate housing to find suitable units and the resources needed to move into them.

Family Services Center

Families looking for housing – please call our Family Services Center at 323-531-7000. They should be able to provide the information you need. Unfortunately, we do not provide services for families at our location.


DPSS is short-term housing provided to holders of vouchers from the Los Angeles County Department of Social Services.

6 responses to Housing Services

  1. Savour Jones says:

    In need of a place to stay so I can further establish myself.Stability plays a very important role.

    • Janita Gomez says:

      I suggest you try our Emergency Services program, Open Door. It is a 90-day emergency shelter program that helps men and women to get off the streets, stabilize their lives and move forward. This is not just a shelter as it links clients to essential services as well.

      There is also Short-Term Housing through General Relief. This DPSS Voucher program is operated through the Los Angeles Department of Social Services.

      Please visit our Walk-In Resource Center to enroll.

  2. VERA says:

    I am homeless at moment left an abusive husband been out for a few days fresh stressing looking for permanent housing in Illinois in north side now have a small toy dog and yes I am employable and do self employed also if I get a place no funds no vehicle no phone only an email at the moment

    • Janita Gomez says:

      Please visit our Walk-in Resource Center at 501 East Sixth Street. Hours are 7am-Noon & 1pm-4pm, Monday through Friday (Intakes are not done on Fridays). An appointment is not necessary. Please provide a valid ID. There we will place you in a program or refer you to one that meets your needs.

  3. Annie says:

    I have a brother-in-law that may be released from prison soon following a review from the Board of Parole. We are in search of transitional housing and a job. Do you have any information for us? Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

    • Janita Gomez says:

      Contact the Veteran’s Administration at 351 Temple St., 4th Floor to determine eligibility. Or contact West Los Angeles VA at 310-478-3711. For more information please visit our Walk-in Resource Center at 501 East Sixth Street. Hours are 7am-Noon & 1pm-4pm, Monday through Friday.

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