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Workforce Development

The Weingart Center long ago realized that the biggest barrier to self-sufficiency for many people was permanent, full-time employment. We began with job placement assistance, and grew our program over the years to include employment preparation, vocational training, and a social enterprise  that directly employs clients in transitional jobs. Our program consists of:

  • Job Club: a three-week employment preparation curriculum that includes resume and cover letter preparation, job search techniques, interview skills, customer service skills, grooming and dress, and job retention skills.
  • Vocational Training: The Weingart Center offers four vocational training tracks, three of which culminate in an industry-recognized certification.
  • Boutique: Our clients are provided with professional clothes for interviews and work from our free boutique.
  • Job Placement: Our job developers work hard to cultivate relationships with local employers who need motivated entry-level and skilled staff. They help clients identify and apply for jobs, and recruit employers for on-site hiring events.
  • Retention Club: Our job isn’t done when our client gets one. We also support them in keeping that job and advancing in a career path with a peer-to-peer supportive Retention Club, which meets one evening a week at the Center.
  • Social Enterprise: In 2011, the Weingart Center launched 360º Degree Solutions, a premiere pest management service provider that oversees professional training projects for homeless individuals who have made a commitment to succeeding at work responsibilities. After rigorous screening, training, and proper licensing, 360º Solutions empowers them to make a positive contribution to society through their work.


The GROW program provides employment and training services to people receiving General Relief (GR) to help them obtain a permanent job and become self-sufficient. GROW features a short-term, intensive job preparedness and employment search curriculum. Contact by phone at (213) 833-5020 or click here to learn more about  GROW.


Emerge provides remedial instruction as well as workforce development, onsite job training programs, and job placement assistance to help homeless individuals enhance their earning potential and successfully re-enter the community. Contact by phone at (213) 833-5020 or click here to learn more about  Emerge.

7 responses to Workforce Development

  1. steven martin says:

    Hello my steven martin an i need help with getting a job my background is stop me from landing a job can anyone help

    • Janita Gomez says:

      If you come to our Resource Center at the corner of 6th and San Pedro in downtown L.A. you can speak with someone to see if you qualify for our workforce development program. They can help to provide certificates and recommendations upon completing one of our classes.

  2. Brandun Clemons says:

    Hello, I was referred by my church West Angeles and they told me about the free 40 hours guard card training for the month of May. How do I sign up for the training?

    • Janita Gomez says:

      Brandun, We would love to have you participate in our training program. To apply call 213-833-5020.

  3. Joann Dunlap says:

    I haven’t worked in over 7 years and I am will to be open minded and willing to learn new things. help give me the chance to learn Thank you

  4. Hannah says:

    I am a student looking at public relations job opportunities and came across your organization. I am very impressed by your mission and hope you succeed.

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The Weingart Center for the Homeless provides comprehensive human services to homeless men, women, veterans, parolees, families, HIV+ and other at-risk individuals, giving them the skills, resources, and hope they need to lead productive lives off the streets. Located in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles' Skid Row, the Weingart Center for the Homeless is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that breaks the cycle of homelessness and poverty.

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