Serve the City Volunteers Paint Weingart’s 10th Floor

On July 28th, 2012, over 50 volunteers from the Serve the City event visited the Weingart Center to give our Women’s Renaissance floor a makeover.

Susan Brewster, 3rd generation painter and Regional Pro Manager of Glidden Paint, coordinated the event that took place on our 10th floor of the Hope Row Resource Center. With the volunteers ready to paint, Glidden donated over 15 gallons of Glidden DUO – Prime&Paint cans to cover up the faded greens and yellows that greeted our clients as they walked through the halls.

This wasn’t Susan’s first volunteer effort with the Weingart Center. In 2011, Glidden recruited the aid of incoming UCLA freshman and transfer students, and together took to the Weingart Café where they entire premises was repainted. The new paint has brought with it a new sense of comfort.

“New paint revitalizes!” says Brewster. “It gives someone the idea that it’s clean and new, a fresh start. Paint is a great, inexpensive way of rejuvenating, not only a building, but a sense of home.”

The colors on the walls weren’t the only upgrades of the day – the volunteers were thrilled to give back to the company. So much in fact, that while the project only called for one portion of the floor to be enhanced, the volunteers were able to repaint the foyer, adjoining corridors, and all three hallways. When asked why they were so eager to help, there response was all the same – someday, they might be homeless too.

“I think that no one has a perfect life,” reflects Brewster. “Anytime that somebody is down, you want to give them a hand up. I might be in that situation one day. I want to be able to say that I’ve helped people and maybe they’ll help others too. It’s all about carrying it on.”

The next volunteer effort will be in late September, where 500 UCLA students have agreed to paint six more floors in the Hope Row Resource Center.

For more photos from the event, visit our Facebook page.

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